TransUnion Credit Report Review

Getting a TransUnion credit report is a great way to keep up an up-to-date and correct credit report. You can trust a Trans Union credit report because this company is one of the three major credit reporting agencies that will always have your name on their files.

The accuracy and completeness of a credit report from TransUnion credit bureau is guaranteed. If you find an inaccuracy in your credit report you may request TransUnion to investigate the item and correct any discrepancies.

Free and 3-in-1 TransUnion Credit Report

A credit report from TransUnion will let you know your chances of getting accepted for credit. If you want to keep your credit rating in a good standing, then you will need to keep up to date with any payments that could bring it down.

You can get your credit report score from TransUnion while surfing the web. Their website is easy to navigate and you can become a member within minutes. You can then pull up your free TransUnion credit score report within a matter of minutes. You are eligible to get a free credit report from TransUnion if your credit file has inaccuracies, or if your credit application is denied.

Within the Trans Union website, you can also order your 3 in 1 credit report from all three major credit bureaus. This allows you the chance to compare and see if there are any errors that might appear. If there are, then you can get in touch with TransUnion or other credit bureaus and tell them of the error on your statement.

TransUnion Credit Report Dispute

We all know that one small error can cause you a lot of problems, such as being turned down for credit. Isn’t it better to find out this kind of mistake sooner than later?

For example, if you find that the information in your Trans Union credit report is different from other credit bureaus, you can dispute this inaccuracy with Trans Union and have it sorted out for you in a couple of days. To help you understand how they’ll deal with inaccuracies in your credit report, Trans Union even provides a web page that explains this credit report dispute process.

But don’t expect them to remove correct, negative information since the dispute process will only remove inaccurate information from your credit report. And negative information that is correct will stay on your credit report as long as governing laws allow. So it’s best to always keep up to date with your TransUnion credit report.

TransUnion Credit Report Review was last modified: April 14th, 2014 by Paul Sarwana