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Do you make $2000 a month and spend it all? If so, even if you start making $3000 a month that is the amount of money you will spend in a month. It is a pattern that you can recognize quickly, especially if you are deep in debt now. Do you feel the need to start saving money now?

The only way to get out of debt permanently is to break the pattern. You want to find ways to keep your hard-earned dollars. Are you ready? Here are some ideas for you to start saving money today.

start-saving-money1. Entertainments. Cable or satellite TV is a good one to target. You can discuss the entertainment expenses with all family members. For example, try to switch to a lower priced plan and save between $15 to $40. Also, consider cancelling the service and save all the money you spend for subscription fees.

This also applies to movies’ tickets, if you often go to the movies. For just a couple of hours you may spend $50 for tickets, pop corn and soda. Why not renting movies and watching them at home? By preparing the same meals you can still have a good time, while saving a lot of money.

2. Telecommunications and Internet. If you have a cell phone consider cancelling your landline telephone service so you can save $15 to $25 a month. By cancelling added services like caller ID you can save extra $4-$6 a month.

If you need an International Long Distance calling facility you can get an unlimited calling service for less than $3 a month. Just balance this need with the Internet connections you have at home. You can always ask your internet service provider for a cheaper option. For a slower plan you may save $7 per month, or $84 a year.

3. Eating outs. Do you eat out with your family? If you do, how much do you spend a week to order food at a fast food restaurant? Multiply that amount times 52, that’s how much you spend a year on foods and beverages.

Let’s say you spend $15 a day eating out it amounts to $75 a week, times 52 is $3900 a year. By cooking your favorite foods yourself and making coffee at home you will save at least half of it, and you will eat healthier foods and beverages! Just imagine the savings you can get for the family.

4. Medications. Choose generic medications and not the branded, well-known pharmaceutical companies. You can save a lot of money because of the amazing price difference. So don’t overlook the savings opportunity next time you need to buy medications.

5. Home Energy. What about your monthly energy or electricity bills? If you own a home, consider investing $35 in a programmable thermostat. This device will allow you to better control of the heating and cooling of your home and save money in your monthly bills.

So those are 5 ideas for you to start saving money today. You may want to read it again and add other debt management ideas. Simply look at your monthly bills and you can immediately prioritize the easiest thing to do or the biggest savings you can get.

Most importantly, do not just read it and do nothing about the it. You have to put it into action NOW and don’t wait until tomorrow. The sooner you start, the more money you will save by the end of this month.

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