Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Looking for ways to save money on groceries? If you are knee-deep in debt chances are you will want to set aside some cash at the end of month for paying off your bills. For this purpose, grocery expenses are a good budget item to cut. This is especially true if your grocery bill is your major monthly spending.

Does it mean that you will have to sacrifice quality over quantity? With a little planning and some creativity you can lower your spending at the grocery store and still get more from your hard-earned money without sacrificing quality of the goods your family consumes. Here are some tips that can help you to cut your spending at the grocery store.

Grocery Budget and Monthly Menu

save money on groceriesCreating a grocery budget is the one of many ways to save money on groceries. As a start, you can use the average of what you spend on grocery shopping over the last several months. It will help you buy only necessities in groceries.

Next, sit down with your family and plan out a two-week or a monthly menu with your family. A two-week or a monthly menu would save your time as well as not cause your family to burn out on the items. This would avoid you overspending on goods invaluable or missing some ingredients that should always be found in the kitchen.

Use the menu and the recipes for the different items to develop your grocery list. Make sure you check your kitchen first so you don’t buy too much of an item. Jot down your estimate for the cost and total it up. Make some adjustments if the total expenses don’t come in under your budget.

Ways to Save Money on Groceries With Coupons

Magazines and newspapers are laden with coupons that you can either cut out. You can also search the items you need on the internet by keying in your zip code and many of the stores near you should pop up.

You can start a coupon club — where everyone can exchange coupons — in your local area or online. Everyone brings the coupons they don’t need or want, and then whoever needs the coupons is free to use them. You can even trade some with them for the items that you don’t have and they already have plenty of.

Also, remember to search the flyers for any special discounts that are coming up at the grocery stores. The smaller your community, the more limited you may be, but there are still some great buys out there, especially when you can combine them with coupons.

Ways to Save Money On Groceries Without Coupons

Whenever going to the grocery store try to be inventive and creative at the same time. You won’t need to sacrifice the taste of the food by buying less expensive cuts of meat; instead, you change available recipes to make them look appealing to your appetite. Here are some other tips to save money on groceries:

1. Make sure you have a shopping list and you stick to whatever is on that list. Without sacrificing your saving goals, you may allow you and other family members an amount of impulse purchases to avoid becoming too stiff on yourself and them.

2. Buy in bulk or buy in volumes when cheaper. Purchase non-perishables stuff like toiletries in bulk as these items can be put in stock for a long time. But be careful when buying perishable stuff like meat as they may rot before you even consume them.

3. Keep a list of prices of goods you always buy. This is especially useful at sale or bargain time. Keep an eye on when a shop hold its regular or holiday sales and use the list to buy things that are less expensive.

4. Shop only once or twice a month and remember to bring some snacks when you travel. It could lessen your chances of being tempted to overspend on foods and other unnecessary items.

5. Pay in cash for non-branded goods. This would avoid you from buying unnecessary and expensive goods as well as going over your credit card limit.

Overall,  having a complete list of your grocery expenses can help compare your plan and the actual amount of money you have spent. Simply use the best ways to save money on groceries and you can enjoy more on your next grocery days.

Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries was last modified: August 21st, 2013 by Paul Sarwana