Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Gas Bill

Finding ways to save money on gas is a great idea in a ridiculously high price of gasoline. Your ability to save money from fuel consumption would definitely give you some flexibility on your monthly budget, especially if you are following a tight budget.

Using the following money saving tips you can still enjoy mobility around town and to and from work. You just have to think many activities that you can do without driving or without using gasoline. Or, if you cannot avoid using gas you will need to learn how to maximize your gasoline mileage.

5 Easy Tips to Save Money on Gas

save money on gas1. Make your trips more organized. Consider planning your route before you even get out of your house so that you don’t end up going back and forth to a place. It is best if you could get into your car to go to all the places you need to go to all on one trip. This will not only make your life easier to bear but can also avoid wasted fuel.

2. Travel with a friend. If you have friends with the same destination you can save on fuel costs by setting up a carpool. If you can all fit in one car you can bring your cars alternately or on rotation. You could tons on gas costs if could take turns with your friends picking each other up and going to the same place.

3. Commute to work. Taking the public transport for going to the office is a good way to relax since you are not driving. This way can help you take a short nap while on your way.

4. Compare gas prices of different stations. Take time to drive around to check the gas prices of different stations in your neighborhood. Remember, a few cents difference can add up to a lot if you continually have your car re-filled in the same gas station all the time.

5. Walk or ride a bike. Walking or riding a bike to your destination is a good way to save money on gas and keep yourself healthy at the same time. It saves your time because you do not have to look for parking and keep you from getting stuck in traffic. And at the same time it makes you healthier from the exercise.

Save Money on Gas by Maximizing Gasoline Mileage

1. Keep your car in good condition. If you are considering buying a car in the near future, look for models that are fuel-efficient — have the best mileage per full tank. But you don’t have to drive the newest model just to make sure better gas mileage. If you regularly tune up your car you will enjoy less gasoline refills.

2. Try to drive a little slower. Driving faster than the wind can waste a lot of gasoline without you knowing it. Experts say that traveling speed can put a great impact on your gasoline use. In order to save money on gas try to learn about the ideal traveling speed of your car and then try to drive at that speed when driving.

3. Braking and accelerating more gently. Frequent braking and accelerating will increase your fuel consumption by more than 18%. So when you are on the road, try to expect the traffic ahead so that you can accelerate or brake more gently.

4. Check your air filter’s condition. Having clean air filters all the time will make sure your car engine’s best performance and durability. It can create more force and energy and, of course, better gas mileage. Replacing dirty filters will improve your car’s gasoline mileage up to 10% more.

5. Check your car’s tire pressure. Make sure that each of your car’s tires has the right amount of pressure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Having unequal pressure can greatly affect the car’s fuel economy and a tire that has been inflated by 2 Psi can boost your car’s gas use by 1%.

Those are a few gas saving ideas you can use so that you don’t have to be dragged down with the increasing oil price. All of these things can, in some way or another, help you save money on gas. If fuel cost is one of your major expenses then applying one idea or more will help you save more money for debt relief.

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