How to Obtain a Credit Report Online

Why is it critical to obtain a credit report online? By obtaining a credit report online you will find out exactly what is improving or diminishing in your credit rating. Using the report you will be able to improve your score. And if you want to apply for a loan in the near future you can get it with the best interest rate.

Your credit report will also let you know why credit card companies keep turning you away as well as your chance of being approved for a credit card. In addition to the benefits of the report, you’ll also find that there are many websites that offer free credit score online for a 30-day free trial period.

Reasons to Obtain a Credit Report Online

You can view your credit report from all three credit reporting companies through the websites of the three credit bureaus. There are millions people who have signed up to these credit report official websites and they seem to be enjoying the benefits.

But there are no online companies that offer a free credit report. You will have to pay these agencies after the 30-day free trial period is over.

If you want to closely monitor your credit scores, a decision to obtain a credit report online is a good idea. However, if an annual or yearly report can answer your needs you don’t need to sign up to one of these credit bureaus.

Can You Get a Credit Report Online with No Credit Card?

No, you can’t obtain a credit report online with no credit card because you need a credit card for the verification process. It’s difficult to find companies that will be willing to grant you the access without you show that you are who you say you are. Credit cards are a good way to prove your identity and a lot of people have a credit card partly for this purpose.

If you want a credit report without a credit card, you can write a credit report request and mail it to one of the credit bureaus with a copy of a recent bill. Alternatively, you can make a free credit report request by making a telephone call to one of the bureaus. Or, if you aren’t heavily concerned about your credit score, you can wait for your annual or yearly credit report.

Where to Obtain a Free Credit Report Online

There are many of websites that claim to be credit report official websites. But some of these sites are often trying to lure the visitors into buying something that they may not want or need. The true official websites are from the three major credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA lets every consumer to obtain an annual or a yearly free credit report from the three main credit reporting agencies once every 12 months. The bureaus are also required by law to give you free credit report if you have been denied credit in the past 60 days or your credit report has inaccurate information due to fraud.

If for some other reasons you want to check your credit report, these firms will give you a membership access to your credit report for free for 30 days. After the free membership trial runs out you will have to pay a membership fee. So, before you decide whether you obtain a credit report online, find out why you need to get your credit report in the first place.

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