National Debt Relief Program Pros and Cons

national debt reliefNational Debt Relief (NDR) is a company that has been online since September 2009. The company focuses on helping people get out of debt through debt settlement.

They believe that debt settlement is the best alternative to bankruptcy, debt management and consolidation loan — in term of amount of time and resources used for re-establishing financial stability.

This debt negotiation company is a member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) and International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), two organizations that regulate the debt settlement industry.

They are a BBB Accredited Business since February 2013, with A+ rating on a scale of A+ to F. There are 17 complaints closed with BB in last 3 years and 12 closed in last 12 months.

How National Debt Relief Works

Just fill out a debt relief quote form or directly contact the company’s debt counselor. A professional counselor will response your inquiry for a free initial consultation. He or she will ask about your financial circumstances and find out how much you can afford to pay for your creditors.

Based on the findings you’ll decide how you will approach the settlement process. One option is pay off the debt once and for all. The other one is a lower monthly amount with a new payment period. Once you join their debt settlement program you’ll have to stop paying your creditor and set aside an agreed amount to an insured account with the firm.

You can expect that your creditor will start calling and mailing you, but don’t worry because they will handle all that harassment for you. As you are accumulating your funds NDR will talk to your creditor on your behalf. They will show proof that you are unable to pay and will negotiate new payment terms with your lender.

Around 90-180 days after you have stopped paying, your creditor should have written your debt as a bad debt. The creditor will first investigate the debt. If they have decided that there is no other way but to settle they will send you a written settlement offer via the debt relief agency.

Once you have approved the offer the agency will release the settlement funds, based on the agreed amount, to your creditor. The settlement process for other creditors is the same as above.

National Debt Relief Pros

As you may already know, the debt settlement industry has received bad reputations — because of unethical business practices of its members. But this company achieves an accredited BBB business status and gets an A+ rating.

This sends us a signal that they must have an ethical business conduct with real value offerings to consumers.

National Debt Relief is a reputable company that charges no upfront fees, including fees to get started. They get paid based on a percentage of successful settlement results. The debt settlement fees vary by state and the amount of your debt. But it’s roughly between 20-25% of your enrolled debt.

National Debt Relief Cons

Although NDR offer financial consultations and education to make sure you go through out care will continue to live a debt-free life they don’t offer a debt management plan. This will mean you have to find alternative solutions from other agencies if you aren’t qualified for their debt negotiation plan.

There are cons of a debt settlement program, but this applies to all debt arbitration services. Debt settlement can leave a black mark on your credit report and lower your credit score.

You will also have to pay income taxes on forgiven debt. Also, if you stop making payments and your creditors won’t settle, you would be in worse shape than when you started.

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Is National Debt Relief Right for You?

National Debt Relief offers services to relieve consumers from unsecured credit card debt, medical bills and student loans. There are many positive testimonials from clients who have finished their program debt free.

You can also find a few negative reviews or complaints on This company also shows you successful debt settlement letters.

If you have at least $7,500 in unsecured debts, with each account balance $500 or more, they can help settle your debts. This is especially true if you cannot afford minimum monthly credit card payments, fall behind in payments and experience financial hardships like loss of income or medical expenses.

Just contact them and a debt consultant or specialist will respond to you. He or she will offer debt negotiation information based on your situations, which include your ability to allocate funds for debt settlement.

The counselor will then offer a customized debt negotiation program with the fees and results you can expect. This way you can see if they answer your specific needs and decide whether to enroll in the National Debt Relief program or not.

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