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How to Start Saving in an Emergency Fund

Having an emergency fund by the side in the form of short-term savings can be of great use in times of financial crunch. The rationale behind this thinking lies in the fact that emergencies can fall on anyone at anytime. For that reason, it’s good to be well-equipped financially before the crunch situation rolls in. […]

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5 Easy Debt Management Budgeting Steps

If you consistently charge your credit cards more than you make in payments a debt management budgeting strategy can help you to control your debt level. The right debt management strategy can help reduce your debts and keep yourself and family from sleepless nights due to debts. Learn 5 easy steps that you can take […]

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Statute of Limitations for Old Debts

Few consumers know that debts are subject to a statute of limitations. Creditors and debt collectors have a certain time limit to collect the debt or sue. If this time limit lapses, they no longer have a case against the debtor. They can attempt to collect or even file suit, but if you use the […]

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