Top 12 Ideas On How to Save Money Each Month

Whether you are in debt or not, learning how to save money each month is good for you. By putting money aside every month you create a safety net for your family should your home need major repair or any other unfortunate event occur. Having 2-3 months salary in the bank isn’t as impossible as you might think. All you have to do is to start organizing your finances.

Let’s discuss some methods to get started reducing spending in several areas of your life. To begin saving money, you want to know where your money goes. You can start tracking all your expenses using a simple bookkeeping system. A small notebook will come in handy for recording everything you buy. Learn to discipline yourself with the routine and you will be well on your way to save money each month.

How to Save Money Each Month from Shopping Trips

how to save money each month1. Leave your cards at home. When you head out shopping, always remember to leave your credit and debit cards at home. Take and use cash only. This approach makes spending 10 or 100 dollars creating different effect to your brain. You can feel whether you lose money in an exchange for a good or a service you get.

2. Compare prices and get store brands. When you go shopping in a supermarket be sure to compare prices. Consider looking high and low on the shelves for bargains because the supermarket will put the most expensive items at eye level. Also, look at chains that sell their own brands of items.  In most cases you can get the same quality product with savings of up to 50% or more.

3. Shop in the evening. Save money on groceries and other perishable items by shopping later in the evening. You can get reduced prices on items that are set to expire that day. Just make sure the food is good and you plan to consume it immediately.

4. Check for any in store offers. The offers are usually at the front of the store by the check out counters. Coupons are one of the forms of the offers. But you will also find “buy one get one” offers.

5. Look for end of season sales. When shopping for clothes check your local papers for end of season sale. Retail clothing stores clear out their out of date clothes by slashing the prices up to 80 percent. You can save money with great looking clothes at much less than the normal cost.

6. Find left over stock. In case you cannot wait for a sale, try to find outlet stores of major clothing chains. These chains send their left over stock from main stores to the outlet stores at much reduced prices. You can save money by purchasing many standard quality items for a lot less money.

7. Shop in the down market retail stores. Top clothing retailers are affiliated with other clothing stores that are slightly less up market. The same clothes end up in these stores with a much cheaper price tag attached.

How to Save Money Each Month On Energy Consumptions

8. Compare prices of utility companies. You can save energy and cut your utility bills down by comparing prices of utility companies. Like any other businesses these companies also have to compete for your business. Getting a cheaper option available to you could result in real savings.

9. Use less energy. Whether or not you can get a cheaper option in your area try to use less energy. One way to do this is switch off all the lights and other electric equipment in your home except in the room you are using. Another way to save money is by getting home energy-saving devices and energy-efficient appliances. Good energy management could save you several hundred dollars over the course of a year.

10. Use less, cold water. Invest in low-flow shower heads to reduce the amount of water that is going down the drain for showering. A dishwasher also helps you to waste less water than washing by hand. Always remember that using a lot of hot water will raise your water bill and electric bill.  You can cut costs and save money by washing dishes and clothing in cold water.

11. Consider insulation. Insulation cuts down on the amount of heat that escapes your home. By adding insulation you could save 20-30 percent of your energy costs. If you have a boiler in your home, insulate that as well. Insulation helps keep your water warmer during the winter months. You save money by reducing the amount of water used as well as the energy required for it to become hot.

12. Install a programmable thermostat. This device controls your heating and cooling systems. You can program it to keep your home at a specific temperature during the day, and another setting at night. It has a variety of extra features, such as voice command activation, that allows you to control it from a remote locations. When used properly, programmable thermostats can save hundreds of dollars in annual energy costs.

That was the 12 ideas on how to save money each month. It may seem tiny amounts here and there. However, even tiny amounts will start to add. After a year you could find that these money saving ideas have paid off and you have a good amount of money for debt relief or other needs.

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