How to Fix Your Credit Report and Score

Learning how to fix your credit is useful and valuable if you wish to get the best deals on the various credit options that are available to you. With a high credit score your credit applications have higher chances of getting approved. Your credit score tells lenders of how dependable you are as a borrower.

Your credit score and your credit report come from the same information. If you have bad marks on your credit report the items are pulling your credit down even if they are just mistakes or are not yours.

Let’s get down to business to fix your credit report and score.

Get a Copy of Your Credit Report from 3 Credit Bureaus

how-to-fix-your-creditBefore applying for any credit get a copy of your credit report first. Look over each entry on your credit report. If you find debts that are not yours, write to creditors claiming you owe them.

By law, they must, within 30 days, give proof that you incurred the debt or remove the item from your credit report. That is the first tip on how to fix your credit report.

Pay off Debts Found On Your Credit Report

Once you have fixed errors you find on your credit report start paying off your debt. You can negotiate new payment arrangements with your creditors. Then pay off small debts first, until credit reporting agencies mark them as paid in full, and make small payments on larger debts.

If you do have outstanding credit to take care of, pay them on time. Delinquent payments of your outstanding credit have a negative impact on your credit score. Also, the longer that you try to pay your bills on time, the better it will be for your credit score.

Once you learn how to fix your credit report and credit score, the better your chances will be on availing of a much-needed loan when you really need it. Improving your credit score can also assure you that you have better credit options especially during times that you might need it most.

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