Is It Possible to File Bankruptcy Online?

No, you can’t file bankruptcy online. If you are considering filing bankruptcy there are websites that offer services in filing bankruptcy online. However, they can only help you in preparing for it and not in real filing.

These websites offer helpful articles and tips on how to go about the process of filing bankruptcy. They also offer a directory of bankruptcy lawyers that you can choose from should you decide to get legal help.  Some of the websites have practicing lawyers who will answers bankruptcy questions and some even offer free bankruptcy evaluations.

Reasons to File Bankruptcy Online

There are several reasons to choose an online bankruptcy service if you are considering legal action. For most debtors bankruptcy filing is a complex process that need them stay up-to-date on the bankruptcy laws. A reputable bankruptcy service can help debtors understand the bankruptcy process without having to worry about constantly changing laws.

Preparing for filing bankruptcy online can also save you time and is convenient. You can order or download bankruptcy forms and kits complete with instructions on how to file bankruptcy. Some providers even offer software products to help you create legal bankruptcy forms.

You can organize the documents from your home or office if you use an online personal bankruptcy service. However, once you have completed your forms you still have to bring the legal petition physically to the bankruptcy court in your local area because you can’t do this step online no matter how many websites advertise filing bankruptcy online.

Different Ways to File Bankruptcy

There are three ways you can file a bankruptcy petition: through a bankruptcy lawyer, through an online bankruptcy petition preparer or through a personal filing.

A bankruptcy lawyer will review your case and give you advice on which bankruptcy code chapter to file under, how to answer bankruptcy forms, which debts can or can’t be discharged and many more. Your bankruptcy lawyer will represent you in court meetings or when you need to appear before the trustee.

A bankruptcy petition preparer will help you to prepare the forms and all necessary paperwork and file them with the court. But they are prohibited from providing you with legal advice.

If you want to make a personal filing decide which chapter to file — chapter 7 or chapter 13. Find out the requirements, exceptions and all applicable information to your state and your particular local bankruptcy court. Once you are ready, fill out and file the necessary forms and represent yourself in legal proceedings.

Whatever option you choose, you can learn about bankruptcy laws and how to file bankruptcy online. Just take advantage of many online resources available to educate you about the process of filing bankruptcy and help you prepare for it.

Is It Possible to File Bankruptcy Online? was last modified: April 11th, 2014 by Paul Sarwana