Self Help vs Debt Management Plan

Personal debt management is a serious issue that does not enter the picture of modern consumers until they are in serious financial troubles. The rising of consumptive lifestyle has made people more reliant on loans and credit to finance their daily needs. Nowadays most people have been indebted to someone at some point in their lives.

Being in debt is normal and isn’t something that you should be ashamed of. However, a debt is an obligation that should be paid and accounted for no matter how meager the amount. Also, borrowing money from others carry some risks because debts are easily made but they are difficult to pay.

If you are a responsible debtor you’ll use the money for a good purpose and pay your debts on time. You know how to manage debts, which include the ability to keep up the safe level of debt ratios and to get the money to pay off such debts.

Calculate and Pay Off Your Debt

If you have several loans with varying interest rates this means that aside from the principal amount borrowed, you still have to pay for the interest rate. For example, if you borrowed $100 at ten percent interest rate per month you will have to pay the principal plus the interest rate of $10 per month.

Some interest rates are based on the real balance like if the debtor has already paid $20 then the interest rates would only be pegged on the balance of $80. However, there are also interest rates that are pegged at the original amount borrowed.

Once you know how your debt is calculated you can check the entire amount your creditor is asking in payments, including interests and other charges. You now have to decide the exact amount you have to pay monthly, in accordance to the time you plan to pay off the entire debt, and make the payment based on your budget priority.

Debt Management Service Versus Do It Yourself

Good credit management means that when the loan was made, you knew where you would source the payment for such debt. The bad news is that you usually do not properly handle your debt until you decide that you are in serious debt problems. And the good news is that you can manage your debts by hiring a credit counselor or helping yourself.

Professional debt management services are companies who work to help consumers pay off their debts. They can design a program for customers based on their particular financial situations and sometimes also offer a way to keep customers motivated and sticking to it. In today’s credit economy, these companies certainly can attract plenty of customers.

There are also lots of people who prefer to take steps in managing their own debt by reading books about it or by simply making a budget and sticking to it. If you know what you’re doing, without taking into account on how you motivate yourself, it is a simple process. So, make your personal choice, and then work on it.

Self Help vs Debt Management Plan was last modified: April 12th, 2014 by Paul Sarwana