How To Compare Credit Card Offers

Credit card offers are available everywhere. There are almost no place without credit card ads and promotions. Just browse through the daily newspaper or move around the town and you’ll find credit card ads everywhere.

Credit card offer are like other product or service offers, if you don’t need ones then you don’t need to get them. This was probably a good decision, especially if you already have credit cards and are not looking to increase your credit line. But if you plan to improve your credit some of the offers might suit your needs and goals.

Compare Credit Card Offers

In determining which credit card offers to pick, it’s best to know your purpose of getting the card. Since different credit cards have different features, APRs, annual membership fees and promotions you will need to understand your needs and preferences before choosing the best credit card deal.

Introductory offers. Some legitimate credit card issuers may offer low APRs with no annual membership on the first year of use. These introductory offers may change to higher APRs and varying membership costs after the expiration of their waived membership fees and low-interest rates. Consider getting this credit card for balance transfers if you can find ones that offer fixed, lower than current industry’s standard APRs.

No annual Fees. There are also credit cards deals that waive the annual membership fees on a longer term basis as long as the credit card user is able to meet specific purchase and payment targets. This offer is suitable for you if you plan to pay off the outstanding balance in full amount monthly.

Reward points. You can also find credit card companies that offer reward points that offer flexibility in choosing how the rewards will be redeemed. Rewards points accumulated from purchases can be redeemed in the form of gifts, appliances, furniture, or even travel miles. If you’re a frequent traveler you can maximize the rewards by having a credit card that offers travel perks with their frequent flyer programs.

Retailers’ credit cards. There are retailers, offline or online, that are offering credit cards to help promote the sales of their products. While the credit card is similar to a credit card issued by major credit card companies, the retail company usually provides reward points depending on the amount of your purchases. The reward points accumulated then is converted to gifts, products or redeemable check amounts.

Picking the Best Credit Card Offer

In choosing the best deals, how you will use the card should be the basis of your decision. If you’re a frequent traveler maximize your credit card use by subscribing to ones that offers air mile rewards. If you’re a frequent shopper get a card from your favorite merchant and later redeem the points accumulated from the merchant’s stores.

Some issuers do offer legitimate credit card deals. However, the main problem about these credit card offers is that they seem to be all well and good for a limited time — six months is a typical introductory offer. Many issuers will sign you up into a 1-year contract to prevent you from leaving before you have paid the annual fee.

So, the best way to make sure that you don’t get stuck with the wrong company is only go with one that you can trust. If  you’re getting a credit card from a large firm, get to know the company first. If you’re getting a card from a bank, find out more about that bank. Instead of just allowing anyone to be your creditor, select someone you can trust.

How To Compare Credit Card Offers was last modified: April 10th, 2014 by Paul Sarwana