What a Bill Consolidation Company Can Do and Can’t Do

A bill consolidation company is a service that helps consolidate multiple loans into one loan so debtors only have to pay one lump sum to one lender. This service can help consumers control their level of debts and, in the long run, help them make their financial position better than what it’s been in the past.

To average debtors who owe sums of unsecured loans to different creditors finding a good debt consolidation company can be a godsend. The main benefit that any debtors can get from this service is they will not only roll all their debts into one lump sum but will also arrange for them to make a lower monthly payment.

What a Bill Consolidation Company Can Do for You

There is a lot more that a bill consolidation company can do for you than to merely help bring all of your loans together. The financing is only one part of the services a debt consolidation company provides. They can often bring your creditors to the negotiating table to work out better interest rates and better loan terms for you.

A good debt consolidation company is skillful in helping you work out an agreement with your creditors so they want to settle your debts at a lower sum. Once an agreement is achieved each month you pay the consolidation company one lump sum; and the company disburse the payment to your creditors.

In this arrangement, what the consolidation firm does to your debts is debt restructuring that offers more benefits than refinancing. Carefully restructured debts can often be a cheaper and less stressful option for managing debts than declaring bankruptcy, which can hurt your credit score and significantly reduce your chances of getting any credit in the future.

What a Debt Consolidation Company Cannot Do for You

Debt consolidation companies deal in helping consumer debtors out with unsecured loans. These are loans that your creditors give you for your good credit. Lenders do not hold any collateral with unsecured loans like student loans, tax debt, credit card debt or lines of credit you might have with your bank.

A consolidation company cannot consolidate secured loans such as the loans for a car or a home.

Overall, choosing to work with a consolidation agency to administer your loans is always a better route to take than filing bankruptcy. However, before you sign up with any company, make sure that all your creditors are willing to work with that company. And only work with a reputable bill consolidation company that has a long list of satisfied consumer debtors and creditors.

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